Foggy Window Repair

  • How much does The Glass Guru restoration process cost vs. replacement?

    Our Moisture Removal Process can save an average of 50% compared to the cost of glass replacement depending on several variables.

  • Do you reseal the window?

    The Glass Guru process involves one of our qualified technicians drilling a small hole in the corners of the window pane. Using a specialized spray tool, the technician sprays cleaning and drying agents between the panes to remove any mild deposits and speed up the evaporation of any fluid that is still present in the window after therest is drained out.
    The holes are then covered with our patent-pending Micro-vents which allow the window to completely dry itself out, while preventing any additional moisture, bugs or debris from getting inside. So the window is not resealed, but permanently vented, which keeps the window moisture-free.

  • When is the best time have my window(s) serviced?

    Once a window has failed, it will never get better on its own. You want to have your windows serviced as early as possible to avoid long term exposure of water on the glass, which causes damage. The earlier the window is treated once it's failed, the higher the probability it can be restored to its original clarity. Severe staining cannot be removed leaving no real option other than replacement.

  • How long does the moisture removal process take to get the windows completely dry?

    It takes roughly a half-hour for our service technicians to treat a failed window. Once serviced, it is normal to see some moisture for up to twelve weeks while the window dries out. Each day as the window heats up, a small amount of moisture will evaporate and be expelled out the installed Micro-vents, over time, completely drying the window. It often takes less than the full twelve weeks for most windows to dry.

  • Do the holes drilled into the window obstruct or affect the viewing area?

    The holes are very small (about 1/8 in. or 3mm) in diameter and are usually made in the corners to be discreet and out of the main view-space. Each hole is covered with a transparent Micro-vent that is about half the size of a dime. Once installed, the vents are barely noticeable and in many cases are obscured by blinds or other window coverings.

  • How does the moisture removal process affect the insulating quality of a window?

    The key to preserving the insulating quality of a dual-pane window is maintaining a dry buffer of air between the panes. When there is moisture inside, the air is saturated and conducts hot and cold. The Glass Guru system recreates the dry airspace and restores the window's insulating qualities back to within normal range.

  • Does the moisture removal system also remove stains on the inside of the panes?

    The cleaning solution can remove some types of damage if it is mild. Heavier set stains do not come out and we recommend replacement of the window glass. An estimator needs to visually inspect the window to determine the degree to which the window can be restored and whether it would be a good canditate for our restoration process.

  • Does the glass have to be taken out during the installation?

    No. The service is usually done with the window in place.

  • Can you repair patio sliders or French doors?

    Patio sliders and French doors are made using tempered (safety) glass which is designed to shatter into small fragments if broken. Unfortunately, we are unable to drill into tempered glass without shattering it, so we recommend that tempered doors or windows that have failed be replaced.

  • Do you repair windows in high-rise buildings?

    Yes. Windows that are above the 2nd floor of any building are serviced from the inside of the building.

  • Should I have all of the windows in my home pre-treated before I see moisture in them?

    We recommend having all your windows treated with our preventative process before the failure occurs. Our preventative process is 50% the cost of the restoration (moisture removal) service and carries the same 10 year warranty against moisture. Have all of your sun-exposed windows pre-treated and avoid the higher cost and inconvenience of dealing with them individually as they fail.

  • I've heard that windows are filled with gas. Is this important?

    Some of the newer windows are being manufactured with their airspace filled with Argon or a similar inert gas. It's true that this gas can make a small difference in the window's ability to insulate. The reality is that, just like how helium leaks from a balloon, the gas wants to find its way out of the window. The key to maintaining insulation is keeping a moisture-free environment between the panes.


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